Evolving cooking-oil management since 1999

Oilmatic was founded with a clear mission: to create the safest, easiest, and most reliable method of supplying kitchens with high-quality bulk cooking oil.

The first major development came when we designed our Dipstick, a cutting-edge tool that supplies oil to and from kitchens at the push of a button. The Dipstick eliminates the need to handle dangerously hot oil, keeping employees safe and happy while reducing insurance premiums and operational costs.

We then expanded our selection of better-tasting, longer-lasting cooking oils to include canola, soybean, and sunflower oils—all direct from the farm and with zero trans fats. Going forward also meant going green, so we recycled all of our waste oils, helping to produce more than 15 million gallons of biofuel every year.

And yet even as Oilmatic continued to evolve, one principle always guided us: bringing a human touch to the world of automation. That’s why we customize every system to each unique kitchen, provide lifetime maintenance and equipment training at no cost, and have an industry-best 24-hour response time.

In addition to upfront pricing and a dedicated support staff, it’s no wonder Oilmatic is the trusted cooking-oil supplier for fryers all across America.

Proud supplier to:

Prudential Center

What our clients say:

“Before knowing Oilmatic Systems, we had been servicing our deep fryers the old customary way of using boxes. We found the Oilmatic System to be very convenient, safe and reliable. They are accommodating to do business with and provide excellent service and pricing.”

International Restaurant Services, Inc.

“As an executive kitchen manager I recommend the Oilmatic Systems as a professional company with excellent service. The system is clean, safe, secure and environmentally friendly. The Oilmatic System is easy to manage and convenient to use as well as how much safer this makes the kitchen for our employees. We haven't had one injury due to a burn or slip and fall since we have made this commitment.”

A.C.E. Restaurant Group, Inc.

“We have been working with Oilmatic for over 13 years now. One specific area that Oilmatic has continued to excel is in customer service. This is on display not only during the planning and installation of a system but in the continued follow-up visits to ensure that everything is working properly and addressing any issues in a timely manner. Since the installation of Oilmatic, the whole cooking oil process has become a safer, cleaner, and much more efficient one.”


Oilmatic was able to custom-design a mobile cart to handle all of the challenges of servicing our 50+ fryers. The carts are easy to maneuver and are able to access all of our multiple concession stands on all three levels of the arena. The Oilmatic carts have provided us with a much safer, cleaner, and more efficient way to handle all of our cooking oil needs. Since the arrival of the Oilmatic carts, we have greatly reduced the risk of injuries and spills.”

Prudential Center

“Oilmatic installed a custom system to fit our building and oil necessities. Since installation, we have seen reduced incidents of burns as well as slips-and-falls, and kitchen employee training has become much easier due to the operational simplicity of the Oilmatic system. Since we started using the Oilmatic Supreme Canola Oil, we have reduced our oil usage by almost 30%—resulting in thousands of dollars in savings.”

Bongos Cuban Café, Disney Springs

“Ace Restaurant Group started using the Oilmatic system in 2002, and today it is installed in all of our restaurants. The system is easy to manage and convenient to use. I recommend Oilmatic for their bulk oil system and their quality of doing business—not to mention how much safer it has made our kitchens. We haven’t had one injury due to a burn or slip-and-fall since we made this commitment.”

Ace Restaurant Group, Houlihan’s

Oilmatic and The International Sustainable and Carbon Certification System (“ISCC”)

Used Cooking Oil Terms & Conditions

The Self-Declarations for deliveries of used cooking oil on this page are a valid part of the contract between Oilmatic and its customers. The Self-Declarations will be presented to the customer either within the contract or within the Terms and Conditions.  If the Self-Declarations are part of the written contract, they shall be deemed as accepted from the effective date of the contract.  If the Self-Declarations are included in the Terms and Conditions, they shall be deemed as accepted if the customer does not explain his or her objection to Oilmatic within 14 days after the Terms and Conditions have been presented to him or her.  If the customer does not object, this will be considered as an agreement to the Terms and Conditions.  The Self-Declarations will be deemed as accepted after the 14 days have passed.

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