Quality cooking oil
at the push of a button

Transform your kitchen with Oilmatic—the safest, cleanest, easiest way to fry. Since 1999, we’ve built innovative cooking-oil systems that fill and empty a fryer in minutes with our cutting-edge Dipstick. Our closed-loop system means you never have to handle hot, dirty oil—or lug clean oil to the kitchen—ever again.

Did You Know?

Cooking oil is the 2nd highest food cost item purchased in a typical restaurant. Packaging, disposal and recycling costs exceed multiple thousands of dollars per year.

Oilmatic systems can reduce operational expenses by 12%-15%.


The Oilmatic Kitchen

Standard System
Fryer Oil Xpress (FOX)
Ideal for virtually all professional kitchen environments.

Using our patented Dipstick™ you can to easily drain used cooking oil and store it in an exterior receptacle. Then, at the push of a button, you can pump in fresh, clean oil that’s stored in an external fill station outside your facility. An Oilmatic truck regularly removes the used oil and resupplies you with fresh, clean oil to be pumped in when you need it.

Designed for smaller kitchens which need a safer, cleaner oil disposal system.

The SafeWaste system provides clean and efficient drainage of waste cooking oil at the touch of a button. Oil is pumped into an external tank for safe and easy disposal. Never handle hot oil again!

Ideal for casinos, stadiums, arenas, cruise ships, universities, and wherever multiple kitchens are positioned in different locations.

The FOX System is our fully portable fryer service solution. With integrated safety and power-drive features, the FOX makes multiple-kitchen fryer maintenance easier than ever.

The Oilmatic Advantage

Better-tasting, longer-lasting oils

Saving time and money is one thing—ensuring your food tastes great is another. That’s why we source a variety of high-quality cooking oils direct from the farm and train your team on the best oil-use practices to maximize value and fry life.

Our premium cooking oils are made from Sunflower, Soybean, and Canola and have:

  • Zero trans fats
  • Maximum fry life (120+ hours)
  • Outstanding taste profiles
The industry’s best support

With strong family roots, we pride ourselves on bringing a personal touch to kitchen automation. We go above and beyond to provide dedicated service for every client—no matter how large or small—and ongoing support that includes:   

  • Upfront pricing w/ no hidden costs
  • Lifetime equipment maintenance
  • Equipment training and guidance
  • 24-hour service response-time
Eco-friendly disposal & recycling

We believe automation shouldn’t come at a cost to the environment. Every Oilmatic cooking-oil system is designed responsibly—with all waste oils collected, cleaned, and transformed into renewable American-made biodiesel.

Reduce your carbon footprint with: 

  • No cardboard and plastic wastes
  • No residual oil discarded in cases or related packaging
  • No risk of FOG contamination into public waste-water streams
  • Minimal grease-trap maintenance and service charges
  • Waste oils recycled into renewable energy

The Oilmatic Difference

There’s no comparison. When you look at the risks, time-commitment and expense of traditional cooking oil management vs. Oilmatic, you’ll see there’s really only one way to fry. No wonder Oilmatic is the trusted supplier for some of the nation’s busiest and most prestigious food service providers.

Bulk Oil Storage

Automated Deliveries

Eliminate Boxed Oil Handling

Eliminate Dangerous Hot Oil Handling

Eliminate Plastic & Cardboard Waste

No Manual Connections & Disconnections

No Down Payment / Install Charges

24-Hour Response Time

Lifetime Service & Maintenance

No Hidden Fees

The Oilmatic Difference

The Other



Transform your kitchen today

We can customize a cooking-oil system that will improve the safety and efficiency of your kitchen while reducing costs.